Monday, September 10, 2007

Suha(calamansi)extract as Hair Grower

Soha is one of our famous ingredients in making kinilaw(Visayan food). It is very common in any forestry and jungles ; mainly in tropical areas .
It belongs to the family of lemon which has the ability of producing amino acids ,vitamin C and vitamin B. With this substances we an create an anti-microbial that prevents dandruff from the scalp of your hair and gives the shiniest and smoothest of your hair ever .
So for this reason ,you cannot only makes your hair shine and the perfect smooth that can be given but you can also have thehealthy hair for it can prevents dandruff cause by germs. It is also known for its hydrating and moisturizing your hair that cools your scalp. So aside from the nutrients that we can get from soha it can also give us the precious tast e that we want to our dishes.
I also find out that soha is also possible to use in medication because of it has the ability of using anti-microbial substances against bacteria. Using this it can threat cough, colds lie lemon can do.
Soha is likely oval in form citrus fruit of an evergreen tree, having jucy pulpand a gree rind yielding an essential oil used as a flavoring and other uses of it.

The researcher conducted this study to be able to improve shampoo in our daly commercial industries through the used of soha. I finished this study because of the financial support of my parents, for my teacher who support us in our doings and teaching us in our studies. And last to our almighty god for the skills that he have given us.

Chapter One


Background of the study:

Soha belongs to the family of calamansi which contains vitamin E,vitamin B and also contains an amino acids that helps improve hair conditions .It is known for its cooling soothing,and hydrating properties which leaves your hair refreshed and moisturizeds;also have anti-microbial that prevents dandruff and makes your hair shines and ofcourse the smoothness.

Statement of the problems:

>To be able to know how soha can affect the growth of the hair

>Is soha can gives your hair,shine and the smoothness.

>To be able to know what can soha,do and is it effective


Soha gives your hair hte smoothness and the shine itself because it contains Vitamin E and so many minerals that gives your hair the perfect care of it.It also can be hair grower,gives your scalp the coolnessand it cleansesthe whole part of the hair

Significance of the study:
The significance of this study is,it can gives your hair the perfect care of it through the vitamin E and many minerals that contain by a soha and can alsobe a hair grower.We will only use the extract of the soha,it also cleanses your scalp and give off a coolness.

Also help our environment because it doesn't contain a chemicals,yet it contains only naturals.

Scope and limitation:

>extract of the soha only pour (1-2ml)
>the soha is only good for hte hair
>for agood result,don't add any liquids.

Definitions of terms

>Soha extract- a kind of calamansi which contains a vitamin E and other minerals, also use in the fields of madicine and food.This plant can beseen everywhere.
>Hair Grower-any kind of substanceshtat can make your grow
>Scalp and hair- hte part that will be testedby the said studies and examine;oberve.

Review of related literature and studies

Soha belongs to the family of calamansi that contains the amino acids for the prevention of the bacteria causing dandruff to your hair .Known also for it's hydrating and moisturized hair.
It is very plenty in the forest and it can also be dishes mainly food by the Visayan filipino.
It is a small, flavor and acid packed fruit that has a distinct citrus flavor,
It is used in kinilaw (raw fish marinated in vinegar and kalamansi), to marinate meats, to squeeze over broiled food, noodles or fruit, to make juice, or candied into something sweet and sour at the same time.

Chapter 3

  • collect all materials and wash the suha fruit.
  • sliced the suha fruit by using the knife.
  • then get the extract of the said fruit using filterization.
  • put it in the container and store it .
  • test it by pouring it unto your scalp and hair(1ml)
  • then get the result


  • gathered all materials
  • wash the suha fruit
  • get the extract using the knife
  • filter the extract
  • after filtering store the extract(in a container)
  • then test it by pouring a 1ml of suha extract unto your hair and scalp.
Chapter 4
Result and discussion

Table 1.23

According to this table it describes the improve ment of the hair as time increases, as you can see it becomes more shine and the length of the hair increases.So for that reason it will give the perfect care of it,also gives the smoothness of the hair ever . I also found out that it also has the characteristics to produce anti-microbial to fight germs.So it will really protect your scalp from dandruff and gives you a healthy hair.

Chapter 5

Soha belongs to the family of calamansi which contains vitamin C and vitamin B
that can make your hair smooth and gives it the perfect shine of your hair . Also gives the shine of it.It cools and hydrates your scalp and prevents dandruff, so from it you will get the benefit that you get.

From my study, i have come to realize that it can also be an anti-dandruff shampoo cause it has the anti-microbial that really fights germs unto your scalp.It is known for having it's amino acid that really makes your hair refreshed and moisturized,also giving the right condition of your hair

Chapter 6